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Newsletters & email marketing is a digital marketing strategy designed to send emails to prospects or leads. However, it’s much more than that. Email marketing is more about building and developing relationships with prospective clients and current customers.

How many times a day do you get emails that you don’t even bother opening? Some of us get dozens of emails every day that we don’t even bother to look at.

Now consider the emails you do open. You know the ones. The clever topic. The catchy one-liner, the enticing deal. The most successful companies out there run effective email marketing strategies, and guess what? They work.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email marketing isn’t dead, it just needs to be done right and that’s exactly what our team will do for you. A successful email marketing strategy converts your prospects into customers and turns, first-time buyers into recurring customers.

In this day and age, people are constantly inundated with interruptions, marketing pitches, and advertisements. It’s everywhere we look, and intrusions through email are no exception. We are all constantly being overwhelmed with ads on a daily basis. So how do we run a successful marketing campaign via email?

Simple! We strategize and build out a customized email marketing strategy in order to connect with your unique target audience.

How Our Campaign Works

First, we get permission. How? Well, some of our clients prefer to give something away for free. Similarly, others simply offer a newsletter or product updates. There are several ways to capture prospective clients’ information. For instance, directly from your website or social media. For example, remarketing using a Facebook Pixel. Certainly, we help you build your book of business.

Second, we follow through with great content. We make sure your call to action is strong. Similarly, we ensure that you’re following up consistently. Something as simple as following through is the basis of a great marketing campaign.

We don’t overdo it. If you promise to send one email a week, send one email a week. Don’t flood your prospective clients with emails every day or you’re setting yourself up for a massive failure. Avoid this by subtly giving information that they want or need.

For current customers, if they’re expecting critical updates every week, send updates weekly. If you’re not delivering, then they are just a likely to unsubscribe. After all, if you’re not providing value, then how can you expect your audience to subscribe? The key is to find that happy medium, and that’s exactly where we strive.

Third, The most important part of email marketing is the analytics and segmentation of your marketing campaign. At Notch Solutions, we provide the analytics and segmentation you need to run a successful marketing campaign. The most important analytics regarding email marketing is your open rate, click-through rate, and the number of people who have unsubscribed.

We then segment your audience into buckets, warm leads, cold leads, and hot leads. Those who have engaged with you in the past are warm. Cold leads are those who’ve subscribed but perhaps haven’t engaged previously. Hot leads are people who’ve purchased recently and are recurring customers. By segmenting your channels, you’ll be able to deliver the right content, to the right customers, every time.

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If your company isn’t already doing email marketing, contact Notch Solutions. Similarly, if you are but haven’t had any success, call us today. Above all, we will reevaluate your strategy. Reach out and call the marketing experts at Notch Solutions today.