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Your campaigns will be managed by the most qualified professionals in the industry! Notch Solutions has achieved Partner status with Google Ads. What exactly does that entail? It indicates that we are one of the strongest pay-per-click (PPC) management organizations and that we have attained a better level of screening, certification, training, and product knowledge than those who have not become partners.

Google Ads Management: A Tiered Approach

Notch Solutions is your local Google Ads Management expert. Our data-driven, conversion-centric management approach to Google Ads management is second-to-none. The industry best practices we implement when building your campaigns promote your products or services a “notch” above your competitors.

The Value of Google Ads

Google Ads management can play an important role in marketing your company. That said, in order to be effective they must be strategically planned, placed, and managed. Our staff of professionals oversees your entire Google PPC campaign for you.

We appreciate that the value of Google Ads depends upon your type of business as well as your goals. If you currently are dedicating at least $500 monthly for Google Ads, we can assist with your planning. We offer a tiered pricing structure, offering services at a variety of price points based upon the amount of work you would like us to undertake.

Our Services

We provide a range of services, depending on your needs. We can handle individual portions of the work for you or can manage the entire process, from beginning to end. Contact us today and learn more about how our services can bring value to your organization.

Planning Your Campaign

Our experienced professionals will work with you to develop a Google Ads campaign. From target market analysis through competitor research, we will ensure we have a complete understanding of the industry in which you operate. Additionally, we will look at your current advertising so we can determine where we can add value.

The Launch

Once we are well-versed in your current position in relation to your competition, we can develop your banner ads (both written copy and visual design), if necessary. And, we will leverage the information we have gained as well as our expertise to determine ad placement. Additionally, we will set up all the necessary accounts. We can also create landing pages if required.  We will look at your website as a whole to determine if these would be valuable or if your current site pages are appropriate. If you’re looking for Google Ads management, come see the difference with Notch Solutions.


Google Ads management requires consistent attention in order to be successful. Not every organization has professionals on staff to handle this. Google PPC is very time-consuming.

Additionally, effective Google Ads management requires a certain level of technical experience. Above all, the strategic approach we take sets you apart from your competitors. For those organizations looking to outsource this critical function, Notch Solutions has the resources to help. We can oversee conversion tracking and bid and ad management; all-important in a successful campaign.

Review and Analysis

Life moves quickly and things change. As such, a regular review and analysis of your Google Ads campaign and its results are critical to improving success rates.

Are you looking to drive traffic? Perhaps your goal is to increase sales? Understanding what you hope to achieve will allow us to develop specific tracking mechanisms to measure success.

The ability to identify interested customers and continually target them is perhaps the greatest benefit of using Google ads. The more they see your ads, the greater the chance they will engage with you. We can help ensure those interested are heavily targeted and exposed to your message.

Working With Notch Solutions

Because of our experience in web development and marketing, Google Ad management is second nature to us. We look forward to leveraging what we know to bring value to you in the form of targeted campaigns designed to increase traffic and positively affect your bottom line. Our tiered pricing model ensures that we can work within your budget. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide, the way we work, and how we can help your company succeed.