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Why is my business not showing up on Google?

We will explore some common reasons why your business might not be appearing in Google Guaranteed results and offer potential solutions to rectify the situation. Learn more about Google Ads Management here.

Google Guaranteed Ads

Incomplete Documentation

Incomplete documentation is a major reason your business may not be on Google Guaranteed. Google requires businesses to present current license and insurance information. Missing or outdated documentation may prevent your firm from passing verification.
Make sure your Google Local Services Ads account has valid licenses and insurance paperwork. Keep these documents current to stay eligible for Google Guaranteed.

Failed Background Checks

Google examines employees’ backgrounds for firms that enter customers’ homes to ensure safety and trustworthiness. If any of your staff fail these tests, your firm may not get Google Guaranteed.
Keep your employees’ backgrounds clean and meet Google’s background check standards. This may require screening applicants more extensively before hiring.

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Incomplete Profile Information

If your business profile on Google Local Services Ads is incomplete or lacks important information, your chances of being selected for Google Guaranteed can be reduced. A comprehensive profile helps potential customers make informed decisions.
Optimize your business profile by providing accurate details about your services, service areas, operating hours, and contact information. Also, encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews, as positive reviews contribute to your profile’s overall credibility.
Google Guaranteed selection may be reduced if your Google Local Services Ads business profile is insufficient or missing essential information. A complete profile aids client decision-making.
Provide accurate service, area, working hours, and contact information to optimize your business profile. Encourage happy consumers to post reviews to boost your profile’s reputation.

Budget Allocation

Low-budget advertisers may not be prioritized in Google Guaranteed results. A bigger budget boosts visibility and competitiveness.

Review your advertising budget and increase your Google Local Services Ads budget. This can boost your Google Guaranteed ranking. reputation.

Budget Allocation
Competitive Market

Competitive Market

If your firm is in a competitive market, Google Guaranteed may be harder to join. Other firms in your industry and location may outbid you for ads.

Study your competition and change your bid. Target keywords and services that will give you an edge over the competition.

Verification Process Delays

Google Guaranteed verification can take time owing to large application volumes or verification issues. Your firm may not launch as soon due to this delay.

Wait for Google’s verification team to finish. For clarification on a delay beyond a reasonable duration, contact Google support.

While the Google Guaranteed program can boost trust and visibility for your organization, it may not appear immediately for numerous reasons. Addressing documentation, employee background checks, profile completeness, budget allocation, competition, and verification delays can boost your chances of acquiring the Google Guaranteed badge and realizing its benefits. To maximize your business’s Google Guaranteed program potential, optimize, pay attention to detail, and follow Google’s requirements.

Verification Process Delays