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Should a Web Design Company ALWAYS Offer SEO Services?

You’ve spent months developing your product, building your social media presence, and designing your website. But you’re still not attracting the audience you want. What’s the next step? Even with the best strategies, a core component of your business will be

Increase Your Online Store’s Conversion Rate

Increase Your Online Store’s Conversion Rate Ecommerce sites should aim to maximize sales. Every design element, navigation menu, and text should point to the checkout page. But there’s more to consider than just a smooth sales procedure to achieve a

Why Shopify? Shopify vs WordPress for eCommerce.

Shopify or WordPress, which is better for eCommerce? This might be a question you would love to know the answer to. Don’t worry many business owners find themselves asking the same question. Notch Solutions provides website design and development for

Increase WordPress Website Speed

At Notch Solutions, we appreciate the value of Wordpress sites.  WP is customizable, easy to use and capable of so much. The WordPress platform is incredibly popular. That said, Wordpress is not perfect; its primary downfall is speed. Why is

How To Organically Rank in Google

As technology and eCommerce has grown, we have been exposed to a whole new vocabulary.  The terms search engine optimization (SEO), analytics and rankings are now commonplace. That said, to many, these terms still seem a bit foreign. We have

Responsive Website Design to Boost Organic Rankings

A Responsive website Design is critical to maintaining customers, growing a business and maximizing profits. The increase in cell phone usage, both in terms of the number of individuals who own them and in the ways in which they use

ADA Compliance: How To Test Your Website

Is my website ADA Compliant? Do all websites have to be ADA compliant?  The simple answer is yes. Commercial websites are subject to ADA compliance regulations. So many business owners are unaware of this fact and, as such, their organizations may

Why Content For Your Website Is So Important

Words matter. Literally words, as in content matters. This statement is important to understand, especially today when much of lives, on-line, focus on the visual perspective. While an attractive and easy-to navigate website is important (you want your on-line visitors

A Simple Guide to Starting an Online Store

A Simple Guide to Starting an Online Store Owning a business, it’s a dream that feels just out of reach for many of us. So, we settle for jobs where we are less than satisfied.  We do what we have

Here’s why website usability is so important

Website usability is on of the most important aspects of website and eCommerce store. Making it easy for customers to navigate your website can literally make or break your business. Imagine walking down an outdoor shopping plaza. The plaza is

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