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Looking to increase your brand equity and brand awareness with Social Media Marketing?

Notch Solutions offers South Floridas most comprehensive approach to social media marketing services. Both in the form of Facebook Ads and Organic Social to increase your brand equity and brand awareness.

Differences Of Brand Awareness vs. Brand Equity

Brand awareness refers to how well your brand is recalled by your target audience. Your brand equity is the value your brand has as a result of marketing activities. Effective brand equity and brand awareness can be accomplished by our extremely effective Social Media Marketing campaigns.

First, Notch Solutions identifies your current brand strength online by analyzing your current approach and strategies. Next, we identify the areas of improvement and create a customized strategy for your campaign. Finally, we begin the implementation of your Social Media Marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing: Paid vs. Organic

There are two forms to Social Media Marketing; Organic Social and Paid Social. Paid Social through Facebook Ads management, is a phenomenal way to reach new audiences.

You can’t have a truly successful social media presence without also having an Organic presence as well.

An Example Of Poor Social Media Marketing

Imagine this first scenario, you’re on Facebook or Instagram and you see an ad from “Jim’s Shoe Store” for a really cool pair of sneakers. The color, price, everything about the sneakers look perfect.

You’ve never heard of Jim’s Shoe Store before so you click the ad and go to their Business Page. You see they haven’t posted anything since 2017, there are no reviews for the sneakers you want to buy and their phone number on their business page doesn’t even work!

An Example Of Great Social Media Marketing!

In the second scenario, you’re on Social Media and you see an ad for the same pair of sneakers, This time, it’s “Tim’s Shoe Store”. (Tim’s smart and uses Notch Solutions for his Social Media Marketing campaign).

The sneakers are the perfect size and color but the price is more than you wanted to spend. You remember seeing their ads before so you click the ad and go to Tim’s Facebook Business page. You see that they just posted a 10% off promo code for the sneakers on their FB page yesterday!

As a matter of fact, they seem to post new product lines, promotions, and updates frequently. You see lots of positive reviews on the shoes, you click the promotion post and go directly to a product page!

Now, who are you more likely to buy the pair of sneakers from, Jim’s or Tim’s?

Of course, you’re more likely to buy from Tim’s Shoe Store! That is how brand equity and brand awareness works with Social Media Marketing!

Choose Notch Solutions: Social Media Marketing Experts

This is just one simple example of the way Notch Solutions separates our customers from their competition. If you’re looking to increase brand equity and brand awareness via Social Media Marketing but don’t know where to start, reach out to the experts at Notch Solutions today.

Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting

With “Tim’s Shoe Store”, you see why with Social Media Marketing it’s important to post on social media regularly.

Staying active on social media allows you to reach out to your followers by providing new product lines or services, promotions, and sales but it shows your new and prospective customers that you’re relevant and up-to-date.

Even if your potential customers don’t directly correlate the absence of a social media presence with bad business practices, it subconsciously tells your audience that you’re here, you’re listening and buying or using services from you is trustworthy.

Our organic social media marketing campaign approach starts with a baseline of where you currently stand from brand awareness and brand equity standpoints.

We analyze your current Facebook insights to understand who your target audience is and how much of a following you currently have.

From there, we start to build out a customized Organic Social Media campaign using valuable information we’ve collected from our initial kick-off call.

The key to success is communication, so we provide detailed reporting every month. In our reports, we realize your ROI and schedule a brief strategy call for the month ahead.

On our strategy call, you can share with our team new product lines, sales or promotions, industry buzz, etc. which we then use to build out your campaign for the month ahead.


Social Media Blogging

Blogging is so important for SEO because it helps with a number of things that are crucial ranking factors in the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If you’re blogging regularly, it helps boost your websites’ SEO quality by positioning your site as a relevant answer to some of your customers’ most frequently asked questions.

At Notch Solutions, we create blog posts that use SEO industry best practices such as on-page SEO techniques that give your website more opportunities to rank in Google and other search engines and that get customers to visit your site!

Notch Solutions understands that today’s best SEO practices are about your content’s relevancy and more important than ever, it’s intent. For that reason, keyword relevancy and intent are the focus of all our blog writing techniques.

You may be thinking, it’s a blog, how hard can it be for me to write a blog myself? You’re right, writing blogs isn’t incredibly arduous, in most cases, it’s relatively easy — it’s the optimization of the blog however that really matters.

Just keeping reading — I’ll explain.

At Notch Solutions, we follow an SEO optimization guideline for every blog we write. We focus on long-tail keywords that match your target audiences’ intent. We’re overdoing it with dozens of similar topic tags.

Optimization is extremely important, so we make sure to optimize your Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Image Alt Tags. Within the content of the blog, we link to popular products or services pages with applicable. There are over a dozen best practices such as these that our team follows to optimize the blogs we write.

After all, content is important but optimization is critical. You can write the most interesting blog in the world but if it’s unoptimized and buried in your website, nobody will ever read it (including Search Engines), so what’s the point?

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