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Get Found On Google With Our Startup, Business & Established Marketing Package

What's Included In Our Monthly SEO Packages

All of our monthly marketing packages include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google PageSpeed Insights management. We want to maximize website optimization and monitoring. This standard feature comes with our Startup, Growth, Established and SEO Enterprise packages.

SEO Plans

Google Tools Management

Monitor Google Analytics: To see how people use your website, we will monitor your Google Analytics data. Indicators such as traffic volumes, user engagement, and overall conversion rates must be tracked as part of this process. By identifying weak spots in your SEO approach, we can make corrections that strengthen your online presence.

Monitor Google Search Console: Your Google Search Console account gives essential information about your website’s search results. At Notch Solutions we believe it’s important to regularly monitor Google Search Console. Monitoring includes tracking impressions, clicks, average position, and of course the website’s overall health. We can suggest search engine visibility options by examining the data and finding problems. Sometimes fixes will fall outside of your normal monthly package

Sitemap Implementation: We will make sure you have a sitemap submitted to Google. A sitemap helps search engines index your website by listing all its pages. Notch Solutions increases your website’s page discovery and indexation by submitting an updated sitemap to search engines.

Error Resolution in Search Console: We will continually analyze and provide solutions to Google Search Console faults and issues. Crawl mistakes, duplicate pages, broken links, mobile usability concerns, and more are all possible. At Notch Solutions our staff will investigate errors, identify reasons, and offer solutions.

We manage these Google tools to gather data, identify areas for improvement, and apply modifications to improve your website’s exposure, performance, and SEO success.

Notch Solutions’ monthly dynamic approach which consists of a 90-day plan will boost your website’s search engine ranks for three months. We offer a new plan every three months to stay up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Our strategy is as follows:

Reporting & Strategy Planning

Kick-off Call: Our collaboration begins with a “kick-off call,” where we explore your firm, its needs, and your aspirations. This meeting lets us confirm that our plans match yours and go forward with confidence in the next months.

Monthly KPI Reporting: We maintain consistency in communication with our clients with honest and accountable reporting. KPI reports are given regularly to update you on your SEO efforts. Keyword placement, organic traffic, and conversion rates are important data points. These reports will help us assess our progress and set targets for the next months.

1 Monthly Call to Review Reporting: Monthly phone meetings review reports to ensure everyone is on the same page. This call will cover Key Performance Indicator reports, results, and any questions or concerns. Talk business, review strategies, and plan the SEO project’s future.

Google Guaranteed Ads

SEO Services

Competitor Keyword Analysis Using Our Proprietary Software & Identify Target Keywords & Current Rankings: At Notch Solutions we utilize a proprietary software that enables us to conduct a comprehensive competitor keyword analysis for your website. We also make sure to analyze your competitors as it gives us insight to what the competition is doing. Additionally, by analyzing your competitors’ keywords and their rankings, we can identify valuable target keywords to enhance your search engine optimization strategy. As part of our monthly SEO service, we will focus on anywhere from 3 to 10 key on-page optimizations to improve your website’s visibility. Included are 3 to 10 Pages of On-Page Optimizations. The number of pages we optimize depends on which monthly SEO plan you have selected.

Title Tags: We will optimize your title tags, ensuring they accurately reflect the content of each page. We will also incorporate relevant keywords to increase search engine visibility. Don’t let AI do what a human should be doing! Using AI to generate website content is a BIG mistake!

Meta Keywords: Although meta keywords are no longer a major ranking factor, we will optimize them based on industry best practices to provide additional context to search engines. While we don’t focus much on meta keywords we do ensure keywords are found throughout the entire website and on specific pages we are trying to rank for.

Meta Descriptions: We will craft compelling and concise meta descriptions that entice users to click through to your website from search engine results pages. These descriptions will also include targeted keywords for improved relevance. While meta descriptions aren’t used much to rank anymore, they are still important. These meta descriptions still hold value with Google as people use these descriptions to get an idea of what type of information can be found on the page.

Image Alt Tags: Optimizing image alt tags is crucial for search engine accessibility and image search optimization. We will ensure that each image on your website has an appropriate alt tag that describes the image and incorporates relevant keywords.

SEO Services

Heading Tags: As part of our SEO services, we pay close attention to optimizing heading tags on your website. Heading tags are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, etc. and are HTML elements that structure the content hierarchy on a web page. Headings play a significant role in conveying the relevance and organization of the page’s content to search engines. Notch Solutions knows how important Heading Tags truly are to your website and it’s ability to rank in Google. We will also ensure to use the Heading tags in the correct order. I bet you didn’t know that was even something important to note? Well it is… Equally as important to using heading tags is using them in the correct order!

Custom File Name/Friendly URL Implementation: Additionally, we will implement a custom file name/friendly URL structure for your web pages. Friendly URLS make the website more search engine-friendly. Notch Solutions will always include target keywords into the URL structure where appropriate.

Internal and External Linking Structure: Our team will also assess your internal and external linking structure. We will optimize internal links to enhance website navigation and improve the flow of link equity throughout your site. External link analysis will help identify opportunities for acquiring high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites to boost your search engine rankings. Quality backlinks are not included in the pricing of our monthly plans. If we need to acquire a high DA scoring backlink there will usually be an additional fee.

301 redirects when applicable: Lastly, we will implement 301 redirects whenever necessary. This ensures that any old or outdated URLs are redirected to relevant and updated pages, preventing potential loss of traffic and maintaining a positive user experience.

3-10 Pages of Add-On Content: Notch Solutions will create add-on content for your website, the number of pages varies depending on which SEO plan you choose. We offer 4 levels, Startup, Growth, Established, and Enterprise. Add-on content will be created for the 4 chosen pages we optimize each month. Add-on content serves multiple purposes, including increasing user engagement, expanding the reach of your content, providing additional value to users, and establishing your expertise in a specific domain. By creating relevant and high-quality add-on content, you can enhance the overall user experience, foster deeper engagement, and strengthen your relationship with your audience.

Competitive Market

By incorporating these on-page optimizations and technical enhancements, we aim to improve your website’s search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and drive valuable visitors to your online presence.

Online media including websites, blogs, social media, videos, and others require content development. Making words, pictures, or both to communicate with and move an audience is it.

Online presence and digital marketing depend on content development. It increases business-customer communication, brand recognition, expertise, and user interaction. Strategy and knowledge of your audience’s interests, requirements, and challenges are essential to creating engaging content.

Budget Allocation

Content Creation & Copywriting

SEO Optimized Blogs and Content Pages : Optimized search engine blogging and content pages have become a key means for companies and individuals to reach their target audiences. Content also gives professional information, and allows you to establish yourself as industry leaders. Notch Solutions will create 2-8 blogs and or content pages each month depending on which SEO plan you have chosen.

Establishing Expertise: Experts and corporations can offer their knowledge through blogging. By writing in-depth blog posts, you may become an industry authority. Posting helpful tips, guidance, and personal experiences can boost your blog’s credibility and reader trust.

Driving Traffic to Your Website: A blog can boost your website’s organic traffic. Filling your blog with relevant keywords and content can boost its search engine rankings. Meta tags, descriptions, and keywords help blog readers find your posts. Share your blog content on social media and collaborate with other bloggers to boost website traffic.

Building a Brand Identity: Regularly publishing high-quality blog entries strengthens your brand. Your blog reflects your beliefs, knowledge, and writing style. Readers will remember your brand based on your writing style and topic. This is also known as building brand equity.

Encouraging Engagement and Sharing: Blogs allow readers to comment and join discussions. People are more likely to share informational blog posts on social media, extending their following and maybe becoming viral if it’s good.

Enhancing SEO and Search Rankings: Regularly updating your blog with relevant content will boost your website’s SEO. Search engines reward sites with new, relevant content with higher page ranks. Include relevant keywords, internal and external links, and search-engine-optimized meta tags to boost your blog’s ranking. Its also important to make sure you regularly are updating current content on your website.

Blogging boosts authority, traffic, brand recognition, interactions with discussions from users on the website, and overall SEO performance. You may boost your online visibility, deepen your relationships with your target audience, and position your brand as an authority by regularly writing high-quality blog entries.