Website Services

Website Design

Notch Solutions responsive website design services align with your brand and goals. We take a deep look into your business, customers, work flows and goals to understand your current status and where we can recommend UI and UX improvements. Today website visitors are very picky and if your website isn’t easy to navigate, doesn’t have great usability or doesn’t quickly display information they’re likely to leave. We take a comprehensive approach in understanding your analytics and goals and together we will define how to present a delightful experience to every visitor. Taking an analytical approach allows us to benchmark data and begin testing improvements. Our creative team has a wealth of industry knowledge and years of hands on experience. Notch Solutions has the skills and persona to identify with what you envision. We build modern concepts that attract users, improve their experience and display relevant info throughout their journey. Design your website with us and exceed the demands of tomorrow!


  • Responsive Design
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Graphic Design
  • Design Integration
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • UX/UI
  • eCommerce
  • Usability
  • Multi-Faceted Search

Web Development

 Notch Solutions technical team has the skills to tailor and meet specific requirements. Our web development team is equipped with .NET, PHP, HTML5, Javascript, MySQL, jQuery, API capabilities and more! Our certified developers have produced results for clients time and time again all meeting their business needs. Notch Solutions custom web development services are designed to bridge systems and build functionality that simplify and automate your work flows. We have the ability to customize your current platform and develop new functionality as required. Notch Solutions technical team is experienced with programming languages, databases and front-ends. We understand how hard it can be to describe what you envision, however we are experts at listening and translating your needs into an actionable road-map.


  • .Net
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular.js
  • API Integration
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development


Notch Solutions eCommerce team is professional and smart. We know online shopping behavior and how important every interaction is. There are a world of online merchants consumers can choose to do business with, see how we can help increase orders, build a recurring customer base and brand loyalty. Our eCommerce team has the skills to decrease bottle necks and increase conversions. We take a holistic look at your design, analytics, work flows and goals. Then, together we map out a comprehensive strategy to improve visitor experiences and display relevant info in critical moments. Small design or call to action improvements throughout the customer journey can decrease abandon carts and win customers! Notch Solutions has a strong eCommerce development team who has the skills to implement your requirements. The long term objective when working with us is to increase your top line revenue, deliver valuable information and realize ROI as quick as possible.


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • Custom Checkout Page
  • A/B (Split) Testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Google Shopping


Search engine optimization is important for everyone. Our SEO services are designed to put your website in a better position with Google and Bing and increase domain authority. We have proprietary methods that align with best practices that lead to tangible results. Our first step is reviewing your existing data and identifying fixes and improvements. Notch Solutions SEO services come in different plans and after consultation and analysis we’ll fit your goals into the right plan. Converting the traffic drive by SEO relies heavily good Website Design, navigation, call to actions and checkout process.

Notch Solutions is South Florida’s top SEO agency and have helped many businesses with their local SEO and demand generation. We are proud to serve both local and national clients with their digital marketing goals. We also have SEO add-on’s like Content Writing which is a modern art. Our expert content writers can write key-word driven blog posts, product descriptions, category descriptions and more!

SEO Services

  • Site Map Submission
  • Robot.txt Check
  • Traffic Report
  • Google Analytics
  • On-page Optimization
  • H1 Tags
  • Meta Data
  • Title Tags
  • Link Building
  • Broken Link Report
  • Keywords

Support and Maintenance

Notch Solutions support and maintenance services are available to take the pressure off your team. We offer monthly support and maintenance so you can continue focusing on growing and maintaining your business. Our professional technical support team is here to address your needs with urgency and responsive communication. Our webmaster services is your front line point of contact for critical and non-critical issues that may arise. Web security and performance is a priority of ours for every client, we defend your data with best in class hardware and software. Notch Solutions monthly support and maintenance plans are meant to give you a friendly resource to contact, free up your time / reduce your stress and let us do the heavy lifting. See why so many clients always include our support and maintenance services!


  • Webmaster Services
  • Problem Resolution
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Hosting
  • Version Upgrades
  • Plugin Updates
  • Ad-hoc Service
  • Security
  • A/B (Split) Testing
  • Functionality Modification