Facebook Advertising & Marketing: Reaching Your Target Audience

Social media is everywhere. Everyone seems to have a Facebook page. Because of this explosion in popularity, digital marketing has become increasingly valuable. It is prevalent among South Florida businesses, as well as those across the U.S and around the world.

Obviously, your business should have a Facebook page. Not advertising on this platform decreases your visibility.

However, simply maintaining a Facebook page is no longer enough to bring value to your business. You need to leverage the opportunities that Facebook offers.

You know your current clients. Reaching them is simple. So is marketing to the masses. However, it can be incredibly valuable to advertise your products and services to a more targeted audience.

Two ways that Facebook marketing allows you to be more productive is to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook advertising can help you reach your existing customers and targets by compiling a custom audience on which to focus. The basis for a custom audience lies in your contact management system. This list is the combination of your customers and targets. By identifying these business or individual Facebook profiles, you can carefully direct your advertising specifically to them. 

Through Facebook you can reach a specific group that you already know is an appropriate target for your specific products or services. This is an excellent place to begin your advertising.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Custom audiences can serve as the basis for the creation of a lookalike audience. Your custom audience has specific shared characteristics that drive their interest in your product or service. Once these characteristics are identified, a new group of Facebook users who share these traits can be identified. 

This resulting group is your lookalike audience. They are individuals or businesses who have very specific traits that mirror your custom audience. This makes them the ideal source for identifying new opportunities and building your business.

Even better, we can help you control a number of important factors when creating this group. For example, parameters can be set based on geography. So, if your business only operates in North America, you would not want to include prospects in other countries. That said, you can use lookalike audiences to expand in the areas in which you operate.

An Example

Let’s say your U.S. based business wants to expand into Spain. You can use your U.S. sourced custom audience as the basis from which to create a lookalike audience based in a specific foreign country. And, lookalike audiences will not include those individuals who are part of your source audience. Your targets will be new.

We Can Help

Facebook advertising has proven to be an incredibly successful way to generate business. If your company has committed to this, consider leveraging the value custom and lookalike audiences can bring.

At Notch Solutions, our professionals are well-versed in leveraging social media platforms to benefit your business. We are a Facebook ads manager. As such, we can help create your ads, develop landing pages and oversee your entire Facebook campaign. This includes leveraging lookalike audiences and custom audiences.

We will help you build brand awareness and get the most value for your advertising dollars. Contact us today to learn more about our Facebook Marketing services.