Bidsketch Proposal System Review

Bidsketch – The answer to your proposal system search!

As a leader in the e-commerce, web design, seo and information technology industry, its safe to say we have written many proposals! Before we launched Notch Solutions, I had used Bidsketch in a couple of my previous jobs, needless to say I loved it!

The days before Bidsketch…

In our early days we would go through a tedious process of writing up proposals. Then, take that Word document and save it as a PDF. Followed by emailing the client that proposal. Customers would have to print papers and sign them. Then they would fax or email those documents to us in order to move forward with the project.

Generating a proposal for an estimate could easily take an hour to write up each time. Not to mention formatting, what a pain that was!

Bidsektch to the rescue…

This is where Bidsektch saves Notch Solutions time, money and a lot of hassle for the clients! Bidsketch does one job, and does it extremely efficiently! It allows you to generate estimates quickly and accurately. Since we started using Bidsetch for our proposal system it now only takes 15 to 20 minutes tops!

Bidsketch gives you the ability to use templates and save them each time a new estimate is created. If you want to add an opening section and have it in your proposal every time, its no problem! Once you have it written, you’ll save it and then you can use it for every proposal you write.

Bidsketch Proposal SystemFavorite features of Bidsektch:

Bidsketch offers a variety of useful tools and features. There are five key features that any business owner needs in a proposal system: Easy Proposal Creation, Acceptance of Electronic Signatures, Analytics, Branding and of course, Integrations.

Lets add a final sixth key feature that the creative Director, Daina Reed points out… Happy Clients!

Electronic Signatures:

One of my favorite features of Bidsketch is the fact that you can accept electronic signatures! Need I say more? Anyone who writes proposals and waits for signed copies to come back knows how time consuming that can be.


The client will get an email allowing them to electronically sign using a secure connection once the proposal has been accepted. In today’s day and age its difficult to get 100% secure contracts, in fact Bidsketch is completely secure. You access it through a secure SSL connection. Proposals are never public, you need an encrypted link that’s created for each proposal you write.

Analytics & Comments:

My next favorite feature is hands down the analytics and comments aspect of Bidsketch. Anyone and everyone who has ever sent a proposal wonders… Did they get the proposal? Did they read the proposal? Are they interested in moving forward? Well with Bidsketch you no longer have to wonder. You’ll get an email every time they view the proposal, they can post comments and you can reply back. When they accept the proposal you’ll get an email with that as well. And once they sign the proposal you’ll be able to access that within Bidsketch. After they sign they get to download a copy for themselves.

The last feature I’m going to talk about is the ability to brand or white label your proposals. White labeling give your that professional edge that your competitors might not have!

Now, I’m sure you are wondering.. How much does Bidsketch cost?

First, I would suggest you take advantage of the 14 day free trial. Don’t take it from me, give Bidsketch a try for yourself and see why so many business owners are raving about it! You can also take a look at their pricing page here.

To all the readers, I hope this review helps you decide that Bidsketch can also be a life saver to your business.

For more information about Bidsketch you can visit their website here.