Here’s why website usability is so important

Website usability is on of the most important aspects of website and eCommerce store. Making it easy for customers to navigate your website can literally make or break your business.

Imagine walking down an outdoor shopping plaza. The plaza is filled with high-end stores. The windows showcase their best products, giving potential clients an idea of what the inside will look like. The window displays are so promising that they draw you in to shop!

Now, back to reality… You have a website, not a physical location in a well kept plaza filled with profitable businesses. You have one chance to make sure your website visitors stay and browse your website. This is what we call conversion rate optimization… Turing passive visitors into active customers means your website usability needs to be easy, inviting and visually pleasing!

Focus points for website usability:

  • Website Design – This might be the MOST important aspect of having an online business. If your website is not easy and inviting people will leave. Remember, you usually only get one chance to impress website visitors.
    • 3dcart: Offers a large variety if free templates as well as paid templates. Templates can be customized with HTML and CSS. Download 3dcart Demo
    • Shopify: Offers easy to use, promising templates. However, to make changes to a Shopify website design you will need to know LIQUID. LIQUID is their own programming language. With that being said, out of the box templates are easy to customize.
    • BIGCOMMERCE: Also offers promising templates however; most of the paid templates use a combination of HTML, and Stencil. Stencil is yet another programming language, used only for BIGCOMMERCE.
  • Website Search – Having a good search feature is important as many potential customers don’t always know what they are looking for. Having a search that auto-completes is extremely important. Also, there are many companies that provide additional search functionality.
  • Navigation and Category Structure – People that know what they want, want to quickly navigate your website. Make sure your category structure is easy to browse. Likewise, having a shop by brand feature is often important.
  • Website Filtering – Allowing customers to filter based on brand and price can drastically improve your website usability.

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Ultimately, website usability is important because it is all about customer service. Your goal is to exceed your visitors expectations and needs, as quickly as possible!