Responsive Website Design to Boost Organic Rankings

A Responsive website Design is critical to maintaining customers, growing a business and maximizing profits. The increase in cell phone usage, both in terms of the number of individuals who own them and in the ways in which they use them, provides challenges to many businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area.

When looking for information, individuals tend to search on their cellphones. They are usually within an arm’s length and provide easy access to the internet. It is often the quickest way to choose a restaurant in Tamarac, identify a Coral Springs printer or locate a business in Coconut Creek.

That said, not all searches yield the results you, as a business owner, would expect or desire. Did you know that websites do not automatically adjust to display properly on the screen of a cell phone? Really, they don’t. If your company’s site has not been created for a mobile screen, your business name will be absent from the search results – people in the South Florida area won’t even have the opportunity to work with you. 

Search Engines Cater to End-Users

As technology has become more complex, search engines have as well. They aim to provide information that is both useful and accurate. Websites that have not been designed for mobile display (responsive web design) simply won’t appear in search engine listings. Thus,  incorporating responsive web design is important in enhancing your Google ranking. This fact is critical to understand with regard to your organization’s visibility and ultimately, its success. 

Increase Your On-Line Presence With A Responsive Website Design

An on-line presence has long been important in business.  Today, that presence MUST be appropriate for both computers and mobile devices – your clients (and potential clients) have to be able to find you and see all that you have to offer, regardless of where they conduct their search (on their laptop, their tablet or their phone). 

Because search engines consider the devices from where people identify information, it is important that your organization have both standard and mobile website designs. This makes your site responsive. Search engines rank responsive websites ahead of those which are not. Having your organization appear several pages into a search virtually guarantees limited visitors.  People simply don’t take that much time when they search. You really want to be at the top of the list.

Notch Solutions Can Help

At Notch, we provide our clients a complete range of website design, develop and marketing services dedicated to helping their businesses operate more efficiently and positively affecting their bottom lines. A significant component of this service is based on our understanding of how search engines operate and providing our clients both websites and content devised to improve their rankings. 

Key to this is ensuring that all sites are created to be  easy to read on both large and small screens. We cannot select the devices the public uses to search; but we can ensure that our clients’ information is easily accessible and readable on all possible platforms. You want your site to be simple to navigate. People today want to find information quickly and easily. 

If you own or operate a local business, and are looking to ensure your site is designed  appropriately, for all types of searches, contact us today. We can work with you to optimize your current site or build you something new. Let us leverage our knowledge of the website design business and our experience in Coral Springs, Tamarac, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas to make sure your company is branded appropriately, reflects your organization accurately and is set up to succeed. 

You must have a mobile website design in today’s marketplace in order to be successful; let us help you develop one today.