How To Organically Rank in Google

As technology and eCommerce has grown, we have been exposed to a whole new vocabulary.  The terms search engine optimization (SEO), analytics and rankings are now commonplace. That said, to many, these terms still seem a bit foreign.

We have all heard about organic rankings because they are important.  In fact, we are going to share some tips and tricks on how to organically rank. But first, in case you are confused, we’ll share some information to help you better understand.

What Is An Organic Ranking

Organic rankings are, quite simply, unpaid search results. When an individual enters a term into a search engine (like Google or Bing), the results provided are of two types, paid and organic. Paid searches appear at the top of the list and are usually identified as an advertisement by the words “ad” or “sponsored” or they are segmented by a border.

Organic search results comprise the rest of the results you receive. This is considered to be a natural search. They tend to be highly regarded as they are driven by factors independent from money.

Having your business organically rank is an important goal. It is one that may take time, but is definitely achievable with the right strategy.

Tips to Increase Search Rankings with Search Engine Optimization

A great website is only valuable if you can garner traffic with search engine results. One of the best ways to do this is to organically rank. There are many steps you can take in achieving this goal. Below we have shared three that we believe can make a difference.

Determine and Incorporate Targeted Keywords

We know, you have heard the term keywords time and time again and for good reason. Organic search results are better than paid. Keywords or search terms are the terms that individuals use to search specific topics.

You want your site to include these words in both the content and the meta description, so the search engines can “match” you to the request. In some ways, this is simple, if you own a coffee shop in Coral Springs obviously some of your keywords are “coffee shop in coral springs”.

That said, incorporating what are known as “long tail keywords” can also help your organic ranking. Phrases to incorporate that can help may include “best coffee in coral springs” or “breakfast in Coral Springs, Florida”.

You can research these on your own or work with your website design and marketing firm for assistance.  You would want to incorporate these words both on your pages and in your blogs for the most success.

Develop Backlinks

In case you are unsure, a backlink is, quite simply, a link from one website to another. Quality backlinks help to establish your page as credible and valuable. In turn, this can positively affect your organic ranking. Including links is a simple task.

Say, for example, you are the owner of a test preparation company and you have written an article for a local, electronic publication entitled “How to Improve Your SAT Scores”. It would be wise to include a link from your site to the site where the article is published.

You should also link back to your website from all of your social media profiles.  Your business pages on Facebook and Instagram should include links back to your main site.  These links should be both in the “header” and in any related content. So, if you are promoting a sale on a specific item in a Facebook post, make sure you include a link back to the product page on your site.

Finally, share your expertise.  If you have written an interesting blog, share it with others and encourage them to share the link with their followers. This benefits everyone involved.

One word of caution; however, make sure you check all links when you post and again regularly. While active, quality links help with your organic ranking, bad or dead links hurt it.  Make sure the sites and articles you link to are always active.

Update Your Website With Quality Content Marketing

Regularly updating your website with valuable content improves your organic rankings. One way many organizations keep their content fresh is through the addition of a blog to their sites.

A blog is a collection of articles with the most recent appearing at the top of the list. These articles should be related to your core business in some way, shape or form. They can be written by a member of your staff, guest written or even ghost written.

It is critical to ensure that your blog posts contain the key words for which you want to rank, are interesting and informative and easy to read. Incorporating pictures, videos and backlinks into your blogs can help your organic ranking as well.  If you are unsure of how to start a blog or need help improving one that exists, you may want to check with a web development and marketing firm.

Ranking organically will increase traffic to your site.  The more people you can expose your business too, the more successful you can be.

In order to rank organically you will need to take a number of steps over a period of time. That said, the value of these rankings cannot be overstated. It is definitely worth the effort.

If you are looking for assistance in ranking organically, advice, counsel and professional service can make the difference.  At Notch Solutions, we provide a complete range of web design and marketing services.

We can help ensure your site has appropriate content and has been optimized correctly to help you rank organically. We are a full service firm with professionals on staff to assist with all of your design and marketing needs.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you leverage your online presence.

How to Organically Rank in Google