Increase WordPress Website Speed

At Notch Solutions, we appreciate the value of WordPress sites.  WP is customizable, easy to use and capable of so much. The WordPress platform is incredibly popular. That said, WordPress is not perfect; its primary downfall is speed.

Why is Speed Important?

Society today is dependent upon technology. Smartphones are the norm; everyone seems to have one. Everything we do, from identifying physicians to booking vacations to even learning how to change a tire, can be researched online. The answer to practically all of our questions is, quite literally, at our fingertips.

Speed has become an extremely valuable commodity, especially with regard to websites. Do you use WordPress?  If so, enhancing its efficiency is critical to maximizing the value it brings to your business. A major component of site efficiency relates to the speed in which your page loads. Fast-loading pages are more valuable for a variety of reasons.  

Google has shared that loading speed is an important factor affecting website rankings. You can test your website speed using GTmetrix. Understand, search engines compete for business just as you do. They need to provide value to their users in the form of  quality search results. If a visitor to your site has to wait for your content to load, they may likely navigate away and “bounce back” to their original search results. This is detrimental to your rankings.

In the example above , not only does your organic ranking suffer, so does your business as you have likely lost a potential customer. One of the goals of your website must be to maximize the time visitors spend on your site.  Fast loading pages help to do this, they capture attention. If a potential client has to wait for your page to load for even six or seven seconds, they likely will look for another website. 

Using WP Rocket

At Notch Solutions, we understand the importance of maximizing your WordPress website’s speed. In fact, we use WP Rocket, a valuable tool for websites of all sizes, that will help speedup your load time. As experienced website developers, we can customize this tool (to which we have a license) to benefit your particular site. 

The techniques we can leverage from WP Rocket are much like those used by large corporate sites like YouTube.. We can help bring the features that make these sites so effective to you.

So, take a look at your WordPress site today, and check your load time. Ideally, it should be about 3 seconds. If it’s taking considerably longer, you are losing business.  At Notch Solutions we can analyze your current site and identify what does and does not work. We will set up WP Rocket, configure it to meet your needs and ensure that your site operates appropriately. This “behind the scenes” fix will speed it up!  

If you don’t believe your WordPress site is operating as efficiently as it should, contact us today. We look forward to working with you to improve your site’s speed and efficiency and ultimately bring value to your business.