Are meta descriptions still important?

One of the most common questions a client will ask me before starting an SEO plan with Notch Solutions is, “Are meta descriptions still important?”.

growyourbusinesswithnotchsolutions-1024×278-minThe answer in short is, yes!

Meta descriptions are the text that shows up under your page title in the search engine result page. Meta descriptions are still very important, they just don’t carry the same weight that they once did with keywords. It use to be that google would crawl the meta description for optimized keywords. Now its more about the keywords being properly placed in the content on your homepage, product page, or category page etc.

So you might be asking, “What should I be using the meta description field for?”. You should be using the meta description field to write something compelling that will make the reader want to click on your website. Its important this information pertains to the actual page the reader is landing on to improve your conversion rate.

We hope this helps better explain why you should still optimize your meta descriptions for every page on your website!

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